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Hestia Signature 3000 4ft6 Double Mattress

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Signature 3000
Layer of natural wool, silk and cashgora on on 3000ct pocket spring unit with a pillow top for added comfort
Each Hestia® Signature mattress is made using a layer of natural wool, silk and cashgora on a hand-nested on pocket spring unit.

Layer of natural wool and silk. A more natural alternative than other materials used in mattresses the wool and silk both offer an added luxurious level of comfort and work with the your body temperature to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Cashgora. The luxury of cashmere is combined with Angora goat hair to offer even greater comfort to the user.
Natural Fine Fibres. Offer moisture management properties to regulate the temperature of the mattress, thus offering a more comfortable night’s sleep.
Pocket spring unit. The springs promote natural alignment of the spine and ensure that your weight is evenly distributed, this in turn reduces the amount of strain put on your body during sleep. The pocket springs also offer an increased amount of air circulation inside the mattress to ensure a good night’s rest and a comfortable bed temperature.
Hand tufted with wool washers. Offers greater support whilst ensuring all the natural fillings in your mattress are secured to provide a comfortable sleeping surface and a tailored finish.
Hand side stitching. For a firmer edge and greater support.
100% cotton visocse cover. Offering a softer touch.
Price is for mattress only, base & headboard not included.

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