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Siesta Beds Duo Flex 1000 Pocket Memory 5ft Kingsize Bed

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Each pocket spring is individually wrapped in its own cloth pockets which enables them to move completely independently. The springs are nested under a Layer of Cool Tech temperature responsive Unique cool blue memory foam which moulds around the body’s contours to give an unrivalled level of body pressure relief and comfort for the winter side. For the summer side a traditionally upholstered filling giving a unique option .
1,000 Pocketed Spring system
Cool Tech Climate Control.
Soft Knit Thermal Fabric
Body Pressure Relief
Flag Stitched Handles
Dual Sided
Winter /Summer Side
Flag stitched handles

Solid, platform top base with storage option on easy to move castor wheels.

Price is for mattress and base of choice only, headboard not included.

2 to 3 week delivery

5ft kingsize bed with no-storage base-
2 to 3 week delivery
5ft kingsize bed with 2 drawer base-
2 to 3 week delivery
5ft kinsize bed with 4 drawer base-
2 to 3 week delivery