Breasley EcoBrease Balance 4ft6 (135cm) Double No Storage Divan Bed and Headboard

by Bed Shop Tamworth


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Mattress= This Breasley EcoBrease Balance Mattress combines the comfort of foam and the natural bounce of pocket springs to give you the best of both worlds. Certified with a Breasley EcoBrease, this mattress is made from up to 96% recyclable materials, making it eco-friendly and long-lasting. The pocket springs also provide superior support as they move independently of each other to contour to your body and evenly distribute weight. Enjoy a perfect nights’ sleep with the Breasley EcoBrease Balance Mattress.

Base= Classic Beds Solid padded platform top base with no storage, Joined by linking bars, in grey fabric

Headboard= Classic beds Padded headboard in grey, attached to base with wooden strutts, 20inch high headboard (not includding strutts).

Price includes, Mattress, no storage base & Headboard

2 to 3 weeks delivery


Breasley Uno Now In Store, Uno Grace & Uno Serene now available to try.

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