Goya Box Pillow Top Memory Foam & Spring 135cm (4ft6) Double Mattress

by Bed Shop Tamworth

Free Local Midlands Delivery

This mattress features 12.5G Agro open coil springs topped with 3 inches of V40 super memory foam for additional comfort. Combined with a luxurious pillow top and a knitted cover, Goya will be sure to lull you to sleep.

Medium to Soft Feel

Key Features:
• 12.5G open coil firm spring support with wire frame
• Luxury box top pillow top
• 3 inches V40 super memory foam
• Exclusive 3D mattress border
• Micro-quilted knitted cover
• Non-turn mattress

Price is for Mattress only, base & headboard not included.

1 to 2 weeks delivery

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