Shop Floor Clearance Hypnos Kingsize Aspen Mattress with Headboard, Sprung Base and Safe

by Hypnos

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Hypnos 150cm (5ft) Kingsize Aspen Mattress with Hypnos Isobella Floor Standing Headboard, Hypnos Sprung Base with a Safe and 1 drawer in sky blue.

Aspen Mattress: This luxury mattress features a 3-zone ReActive™ pocket spring
system. Each ReActive™ spring has 8 active turns - independently and actively sensing your shape and weight distribution, providing comfort and support exactly where you
and your partner need it. Upholstered with layers of 800gsm Wool & Silk blend plus
4,000gsm fleece Wool to help regulate body temperature, and covered with the finest Belgian Damask to provide an exquisite, soft and silky sleep surface. 

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