Ottoman Divan Assembly

Thank you for purchasing our Ottoman base,
please follow these simple assembly instructions For safety reasons, we recommend that two people carry or move these goods.
Safety Advice:
Remove all polythene and protective packaging and dispose of carefully to avoid any injury to children
Children should be made aware that this is not a toy and be supervised at all times when in the same room
Take care when assembling the base- the Ottoman has a powerful sprung mechanism and, after assembly, should only be opened when the mattress is in place


1)Locate and remove the inner package fixings which includes glides (feet) and screws. Watch out for stray staples. Remove with pliers if needed.

2) Position each base on its side, then attach the glides to each of the corner locator holes and, preferably using a mallet, tap home gently into the socket (you may need to clear the hole with a small screwdriver to allow for ease of fitting)

3) Carefully place both bed bases flat onto their castors/glides in close proximity to their final location (Fig 1) Position evenly alongside each other making sure that the rounded corners face outwards

4) Locate holes on lid for bolt and Pierce the fabric on each half with a small screw driver. Sit alongside the base unit and rest the lid on your shoulder, then attach the fixing bolt (extra headboard bolt) from right to left, screw together finger tight only (Fig 3) (Take care not to over tighten, or you may strip the thread or damage the bolt)

5) Attach the ‘u’ clips to both edges, top and bottom ends, securing the two bases together (Fig 2)

6) With the combined lid units fully open, use the bolts provided to attach the gas powered risers to the lid and base(Fig 3) Please ensure that nothing comes into direct contact with the gas powered struts which could adversely affect the mechanism

7) Now ensure the base lid is fully closed before carefully placing your new mattress on top. This will ensure that the lid is permanently held down by the mattress weight (Fig 4). The lid may rise automatically without the weight of the mattress.

8)At the head end you will find headboard location stickers (rub finger over fabric to confirm hole is there). Carefully pierce the holes and attach the headboard bolts.